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In Hindu mythology there are three elephants Supratika name. The most important among them is considered one of the Diggajas, each of which represents eight quarters. The Hindu epic of Mahabharata describes two elephants with the same name as the mythical elephant, which was the incarnation of a sage and the one that belonged to Bhagadatta, the king of the Pragjyotishas.


1. Supratika Diggaja

In Amarakosha, the Sanskrit dictionaries, mention the names of the eight males who are in the world together as Airavata, Pundarika, Vamana, Kumunda, Anjana, Pushpa-Danta, Sarva-bhauma, Supratika and. Supratika is a North-easterly direction, for a quarter of a catfish. Anjanavati is wife Supratika.


2. Vibhvasu and Supratik. (Vibhvasu и Supratik)

The story of two brothers Vibhavas and Supratik – it is told in the ADI Parva of the mahābhārata. The eldest, Vibhavas, was prone to anger, while the younger, Supratik, committed to sharing their wealth. Once both brothers were involved in a quarrel with each other. In the end, Vibhavas cursed Supratik saying that he will take birth as an elephant in the next life. Instead, Supratik cursed his brother, saying that he will be born as a turtle. Anger and greed caused them to be born an animal next life. Their feud continues in the next birth as well. One day these two animals was captured by Garuda, who took them in its claws in the mountains and ate them. Garuda killed them on the advice of his father Kashyapa.


3. Bhagadattas Supratika elephant. (Bhagadattas Supratika слон)

On the twelfth day of the war of Kurukshetra, Duryodhana sent a large elephant division against Bhima. Bhima killed all the elephants with his Mace. This created panic in the kaurava army and they fled for their lives in all directions. Angered by this, the king of the Pragjyotishas, Bhagadatta sitting on Supratika, the charge against Bhima. The elephant rushed forward and crushed Bhimas chariot to pieces, killing his charioteer and horses. But Bhima escaped destruction by jumping from his car. He got under the elephant and tore its vital points, causing excess pain. Angry at this, the elephant got mad and tried to throw him down. In an instant he caught the latter with his trunk and was going to crush him under their knees. But Bhima managed to escape from its hold and again got under the elephant, and between his limbs and began to attack him. Bhima hopes that another elephant from the Pandavas side to save him this time. But when he got under the elephant a second time, hiding between his legs, the army of the Kauravas thought that he was killed by the beast.

Yudhishthira, Bhimas older brother, was struck in grief and called upon his forces to destroy Bhagadatta and Supratika. The king of Dasarna the charges against them. In the great battle which took place between Supratika and Dasarnas elephant, Supratika, the elephant crushed to death Dasarnas. Using the time, Bhima emerged from under Supratika and ran away. The Pandavas were glad when they saw Bhima alive.

  • he was involved in a fierce battle with Arjuna on his World Elephant Supratika who was being attacked by Bhima. During the course of this battle, Bhagadatta
  • Airavata, Pundarika, Vamana, Kumunda, Anjana, Pushpa - danta, Sarva - bhauma, Supratika The names of four elephants supporting the earth from the four directions
  • Divak Veer Sahadeva Brihadashva - 2 Bhanuratha or Bhanumaan Pratitashva Supratika Marudeva Sunakshatra Pushkara or Kinnara Antariksha Suvarna or Sutapaa
  • is Tāmrakarna. Supratika represents the North - east direction, the quarter of Soma. Anjanavati is believed to be the wife of Supratika Four names are
  • Divakara 121. Sahadeve 122. Brihadasva 123. Bhanuratha 124. Pratitasya 125. Supratika 126. Marudeva 127. Sunakshatra 128. Kinnara 129. Anadharaksha 130. Suprana
  • Bhagadatta fought with Arjuna riding on his gigantic elephant named Supratika Arjuna and Bhagadatta fought a fierce duel, and finally Arjuna succeeded
  • feet and entreated her to say when the curse would end. A Yaksha named Supratika who has been made a Pisacha by the curse of Kuvera, is residing in the
  • runs below elephant and strike it with his bare arms. Bhima comes out, Supratika strongest elephant in mahabharata seizes him by its trunk, throws him
  • Gatotkacha, sons of Draupadi among them. Bhagdatta calls out his elephant, Supratika and rushes against them. And battle begins by means of barbed arrows
  • desires Rama seeks to become Lakshamana s wife who attempts to slay Sita. Supratika स प रत क Name of King Bhagadatta s elephant. Sūrya स र य A solar
  • crocodile and eventually saved by Vishnu Supratika One of eight elephants who bears the world Indian mythology Supratika represents the north - east direction

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